Friday, April 4, 2008

Cakes DONE!!

I so didn't think these were going to get done. And then all the white space around the cars really bothered me. So I did the abstract blue and brown around the edges. I'm happy with how that turned out. Jake was kinda hoping for Spongebob Squarepants but Mom and Dad said no so he gets Mater. =)

(one a side note, I would like to be the Americolor color naming person. Because then I would rename "Christmas Red" to something like "not red at all more of a pink really". Then people would love me for not wasting their money on a color that isn't really red. So, Lightning McQueen isn't actually red on this cake but that isn't my fault. )

I borrowed from Ben Sauvageot some plastic thingys for his MagnaDoodle. They are in the shape of the cake and have a raised outline of Lightning and Mater. So I pressed those into the white frosting. Then I just had to trace and fill in. nice and easy which is what I needed this week.

Anyway, we're off to the swimming carnival, then home for a nap (well, I get to clean my kitchen while they nap), then youth group at 4 and the bowling alley at 6:30. i'll be back with more pictures later. TTFN!! =)


Tanya said...

Can you get Wilton colors? The "no taste red" works really well. However I have to use a whole "vial" of it for each batch of icing I need to be red. I have to use lots and lots of color to get a real red.

Amber Sloan said...

Girl I get tired reading your blog! You are non-stop. The cakes look great!