Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Catie's 5th birthday

I decided that since I started blogging after Catie's birthday I would post some of the photos from her birthday. Catie's birthday is the day after Australia Day. This year her birthday was on Sunday so we had her party on Australia Day. Josh and I gave her a little stuffed wombat last year sometime and she had been asking for a wombat cake for her birthday for months. It suddenly dawned on me that a wombat cake would go beautifully with an Australian themed party. So she got her wombat cake. Very easy cake to do actually. We had an inflatable crocodile for them to "wrestle". That picture is Catie and Emma with their friend Rebekah. Beka Jane is behind Emma but you can't see her really. Catie got an eye-ball from Uncle Steve as part of her gift. And in the bottom picture you can see Catie using her gift from Grandma and Grandpa--a digital camera of her very own. That's her friend Rebekah behind her and her friend Leah beside her. We invited 4 families plus the Risser's. One family couldn't come and Grandpa and Uncle Jason were out of town. That left 28 people including us. very full house but lots of fun.

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