Saturday, April 12, 2008

A good day

yep, today's a good day. As I sit here dinner is bubbling away on the stove, Josh has taken the girls for a quick drive and my house looks good. I wasn't ready to get up when the girls did at 6:30 this morning so Josh put "Curious George" on to play for them. When it finished at 10 to 8 I was ready to be up. The girls had already eaten a yogurt and a banana. So nice that they can get some stuff to eat for themselves. I made oatmeal which is the reigning favourite for breakfast around here. Then I changed all the sheets on all the beds. Catie and Emma dusted the bedrooms and the front room. Emma vacuumed the front room (her choice), I vacuumed the girls' rooms and Josh vacuumed our room. so far I have washed 3 loads of laundry, hung 4 loads on the line (1 from last night) taken 2 off the line (from yesterday) and about to take the other 4 off the line. I'll fold all that while watching something on tv tonight. Hopefully there is something good on. While making lunch today I got two mains and two desserts ready for tomorrow's fellowship lunch so there's no running around doing it before church in the morning. All the dishes are done. Josh and I got a chance to look at some houseplans and discuss that a bit. Then he was off to the computer and I to my graph paper to draw up some more. Catie and Emma joined me in houseplan drawing. The girls then played outside a little, long enough to eat some watermelon and decide it was cold enough for jumpers (sweaters). It's been peaceful and quiet and productive. Makes you say, Life is good! =)

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