Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Sometimes Josh and I have differing opinions on what to do with holidays. Most of my holidays include still cooking and cleaning for my family so when I have some time without them I prefer not to do anything resembling those regular activities. So I like to do things like SHOP!!

These were from DFO (something Factory Outlets). The books were on sale and are The Secret Garden, Heidi and Young Learners Bible Stories. The dress is from Cotton On Kids and was $33 marked down to $10! How could I resist that?

Op shopping is good fun too. The basket was $1, the bottles were $3 for the lot (how cute is that boot?) and the denim dress was $5. I have plans for that dress but I'll share that some other time.

And fabric. I went to the best ever Spotlight on Monday. Loved it. Could've spent all day there except it was torture for Josh. =) Bought these fabrics for another project I have in mind. I'll share that later too.

Now this is Josh's idea of holidays. Get the jobs done that you've kept putting off. So he is cutting out the grass for us to have a back patio and also for his shed. He's hoping to have them poured by Friday. I can see him out the sliding door as I sit here and type. He's working hard and keeps asking if I'm going out to help. Ummmm....no! =) I'll keep encouraging and bringing cool drinks and stuff like that though.

The girls come home tomorrow. And I'll post photos of the fun time they've had while at Grandma's house.

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Anonymous said...

Love your finds!!! Savy shopper you! ;)