Friday, April 18, 2008


still no concrete (GRRRRR!!!!!!) and no camera. Charged two batteries, put them in the camera, took one pic and now it's dead. Might have a problem with the charger, you think? Went to Bundaberg by myself today as a last minute kind of thing. Bought a couch cover for our sad looking couch and one for our mismatched chair. Bought a curtain on sale to re-cover a little kids' armchair for church. (re-covered it and gave myself a blister from the staple gun. but the chair looks cute) Bought a pair of jeans that was $45 marked down to $20!! Yay! That's about how exciting life is at the moment.

The girls were missing the Sauvageot's today. Catie and Emma drew pictures for them. Catie said something about Trevor being her favourite and Emma said, "Yeah, that's true. He is the funniest!" I thought he'd find that amusing. Catie drew a picture of the baby dancing. It made me think of those commercials a few years ago with the dancing baby. And wasn't it on the Ally McBeal show or something? Anyway, it gave me flashbacks.

Have a great day!

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Sauvageots said...

yeah we think Trevor is the funniest too! Miss you all!