Friday, April 4, 2008


That's the day Emma was born. And this year she turns 4 on the 4th day of the 4th month. There are two other 4's in her birthday as well. She was born just before 4 (3:27 am) and she weighed over 4 kg (yes that's big). And this year I have 4 reasons why we love her so much.

1. She is a very happy little girl. She rarely walks because she can skip or run and that's more fun. She gets the giggles all the time. She tells jokes and laughs uproariously at them.

2. She is a girly girl. Emma loves to wear dresses and skirts. The fuller and frillier the better.

3. She is also a tomboy. The boy I haven't had (yet. there's still hope) She loves to wear dresses but she'll climb a tree or hang upside down on the monkey bars or go sit in the dirt/sand/mud to play in them. Because of this Beka has received a couple stained hand me downs. =)

4. She is shy, sweet and very loving. She loves to rub Mama's back or scratch Daddy's head. She draws pictures and makes cards to give away. If you give her anything she makes sure that Catie and Beka get some too.

Happy Birthday, Emma! We love you very much!

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Anonymous said...

Yippee, it's Emma's 4th birthday! Happy Birthday Emma!
Love Aunt Jennifer