Monday, June 2, 2008

JUNE???? already?!?!?!?

well, here in Australia yesterday was the first day of winter. It was actually cool enough that we wore long sleeves to church and didn't roast. Today however is a different matter. We are all wearing shorts and t-shirts, opening windows and doors and turning on the fans. The sun is finally out after 4 straight days of rain. I heard that we had 12 inches of rain over those 4 days. so even though the sun is out I don't think I'll be sending the girls outside. Still very soggy out. BUT I finally got to hang clothes out on the line and think they'll get dry today. so maybe those towels that have been on the line since Wednesday will finally get dry too.

Saturday night we had the young adults come over. That was good fun. Originally we thought maybe Shane and Marlana could come but that didn't work out. I asked Glenys if maybe we could do breakfast as something a little different. However, I forgot how much single childless people treasure their Saturday mornings. =) So we decided to have breakfast for dinner. Which turned out better as I had all day to prepare. So we had pancakes with toppings (ice cream, cream, apple and cinnamon pie filling, chocolate, strawberry and caramel toppings, maple syrup) cinnamon rolls, bacon, mini quiches and fresh fruit salad. It was yummy!! We just sat around and ate and talked then Josh had devotions. One of the couples stayed here until midnight which was really nice to be able to have some one on one time with them. All in all it was a great night but I forgot to take pictures.

This week we have our regular library story and activity time on Tuesday and then on Saturday a bunch (dare I say "gaggle") =) of ladies are coming over for a dessert evening. I'm very excited about this and really looking forward to it. Another thing I'm looking forward to is the group getting back from America. They should have a suitcase packed full of stuff by my mom for me!! I can't wait. I've been trying to remember what books I ordered and sent to mom and what food I asked her to get. It'll be like Christmas. Speaking of Christmas I'm getting in the mood for Christmas, it must be that cooler weather. Hopefully I'll be able to use that to get some of the handmade pressies made.

Well, enough rambling for one day. Hope all is well with you and yours. Have a great week.

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Anonymous said...

Love your rambling. Wish it were cool here.