Thursday, June 5, 2008

Snacks and Rejects

okay, I so had to laugh when I read this on a blog on the Wondertime website today

Like when Birdy spies me grabbing a quick bite of, say, peanut butter spread on a cracker — I mean, she could be pumping her legs on a swing two counties away and her internal "Mama's eating her own private snack" siren would blare — and she beetles over to ask politely, "Oooh, can I have a taste of that?" And of course she can, but I might hold it out towards her with a small, grudging sigh that means, "I daily prepare and feed you twenty trillion meals and still you need a bite of my one cracker the size of a poker chip?"
Does that happen to anyone else? I'll have fed the kids a bazillion things and when I have one little thing to eat they all want to taste it. Today we met my friend Roseanne and 4 of her boys at McDonald's for morning tea. It ended up being breakfast for us because it wasn't even 9 in the morning and it was just easier that way. I got hotcakes and juice for each of the girls. That's three big pancakes each. I had one bacon and egg mcmuffin. And my mcmuffin got cold by the time I buttered, cut and syruped pancakes for 3 little girls. I didn't even finish my food by the time Catie and Emma were done and standing by me saying, "Can I have a little bite of your hamburger thingy?" Of course I gave them a bite but seriously??? They ate more than I did. And still said they were hungry. I think they were actually eyeing off the frozen cokes that the boys were drinking. I distracted them instead with the playground. =)

We did a bit of shopping this morning after our morning tea and taking some food to Daddy at work. One of the shops is named The Reject Shop. Makes you want to shop there doesn't it?? It's all the overstock and stuff big stores couldn't sell and now you can buy cheap. But really, couldn't they have come up with a better name?? And does that make us rejects because we shop there??

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Saminda said...

This really made me smile. ;) I can definately relate!!