Friday, June 27, 2008

It's here!!

Yay!! my couch has arrived. Funny thing though, I was in the midst of making cinnamon rolls so I had dough all over my hands and my cute new apron on. The guys gave me funny looks. Hey, at least I wasn't wearing my pj's like a couple hours earlier when Floyd stopped by. =)

Anyway, the couch...isn't it gorgeous? I love it. It is suede with a print on it to make it look like really old worn in leather. It is so soft. Catie thinks the print makes it look like plastic and couldn't understand how plastic could feel so soft. =) oh, and the cool thing?? the chaise can be on either side. And, as an aside, the colour probably is best represented in the top photo.

Last night we moved the single chair we had in this room out to the front room, then we moved the computer to where the chair was and the tv to the place the computer had been. I scrubbed the floor under the previous places of both the desk and tv. Mom, you should be proud. I did it by hand not with the mop. =) Anyway, everything looks all lined up around the walls but I think there isn't much other way to do it.

I'm going to go watch a movie, I think . I might do something useful like fold laundry while watching but then again I might just sit and enjoy. =)

Have a good weekend!

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Saminda said...

It looks great Tamra, and comfy too! Should be easy to keep clean with little ones which is a bonus, hey? Look forward to sitting on it soon. :) Enjoy your movie!