Friday, June 13, 2008


So for homeschooling today we did plants. We went to Bunnings to buy some roses and ended up with daisies, snowpeas and strawberries as well. I found the rose I've been wanting. The "Mr. Lincoln". And then the girls each picked a rose. Catie picked purple, Emma picked pink and Beka wanted white.

So now my front garden has 7 roses, 3 daisies and a gerbera, a carnation (I can't make myself pull it up as it was the only one that made it out of 4 I planted last year sometime), 2 strawberries, 6 snowpeas and 7 pansies. oh yeah, and some aloe.

Then using our new oil pastels and watercolors we did drawing/paintings of a plant including it's root system underground.

We had a very fun day and I am seriously addicted to water colour painting. too bad I'm not any good. =)

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Kelly said...

The paintings are adorable!! I love all of your plants...I'm aching for a garden but didn't do one this year because we're moving. Sob, sob! Living vicariously through others wonderful foliage posts. :o)

Have a great evening, Tamra!