Tuesday, June 24, 2008

for Adreyn

Catie got a chance to "chat" with her cousin Adreyn last week. As soon as Adreyn signed off to go to bed the girls set to drawing some pictures for Adreyn. She had told Catie that she was wearing her pink nightie with monkeys on it so Catie drew a picture of her getting ready for bed with her nightie on (bottom left pic). Catie says that Adreyn doesn't have her glasses on in that picture because she took them off for bed. Catie also drew the middle right picture. You can't really see all of it but it is Adreyn on a horse led by Uncle Jason. Tristan and Rehanyn are playing in the front of them. I asked why Aunt Tanya wasn't in the picture and Catie said she was inside making dinner. Then she drew Aunt Tanya in behind Adreyn and says she has sandwiches in her hands for them.
Beka obviously drew the pic on the top left. I'm not sure what it is. She isn't really into drawing and colouring.
Emma drew the top right and middle left pictures. The top picture is of Adreyn and the middle picture is of Adreyn and Emma and a butterfly.

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Tanya said...

Thanks for the pictures Catie, Emma, and Beka. I really liked them! Love, Adreyn