Thursday, June 19, 2008


So, I haven't written in a couple days. Sick kids, sick hubby. LONG week!! =) Anyway, I can't think of anything exciting to write. but then I thought maybe some of you might be amused to learn some Aussie phrases and stuff. so, here's a few Aussie-isms for ya:
  • "brekkie"-breakfast-We had toast for brekkie this morning.
  • "sunnies"-sunglasses-I finally found my sunnies this morning.
  • "Brissy" (said with a z sound)-Brisbane-We're going to Brissy in two weeks.
  • "Aussie" (again said with a z sound)-Australian-I'm an official Aussie as of last November.
  • "zed"-z-A B C D.....X Y Zed
  • "Good on ya"-Good for you
  • "Mate"-Friend-Good on ya, Mate
  • "Sheila"-Woman-Look at that sheila over there
  • "Bloke"-Guy-He's a good Aussie bloke
  • "How ya goin'?"-How are you?-How ya goin' Mum?
  • "Mum"-Mom
  • "Mozzies"-mosquitos-The mozzies are pretty bad tonight
  • "ankle-biters","nippers"-children
  • "G'day"-Hello
  • "fair dinkum"-that's the truth or said as a question, is that true?
  • "chock-a-block"-totally full-Lake Allom is chock-a-block with turtles.
  • "she'll be right, mate"-it'll be fine, friend
  • "barbie"-Barbecue-We do not throw shrimp on the barbie
  • "prawn"-from what I can tell almost exactly the same thing as a shrimp
  • "cocky"-cockroach
  • "avo" or "arvo"-afternoon-We're going to the doctor this avo.
  • "trolley"-shopping cart
  • "petrol"-fuel for your car
  • "fourbie"-4x4/SUV
  • "pram"-stroller
  • "nappy"-diaper
  • "nurse"-hold/cuddle-This one freaked me out because people would ask to have a nurse of my baby and nursing meant something different to me.
  • "tinny"-small (I assume) tin boat
Well, that's all I can think of for now. do you feel like you've had an education? Hee Hee.

I think Emma has an ear infection so we are truly off to the doctor's this afternoon. hopefully all will be well. Might have him check the other girls' chests since their cough has gotten kinda yucky. Here's hoping you all stay healthy. =)

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