Saturday, June 7, 2008

Goodies from Grammy!

This is what my family room floor looked like last night after the girls helped me unpack my suitcase from my mom/Grammy. We had so much fun going through everything. And I kept burying my nose in the clothes and saying how much it smelled like Mom's house. And now the girls keep saying that too. It smells so good. It was like Christmas here last night. Even some Christmas decorations!! I love finding stuff on sale =)

See that innocent looking face?? Don't believe it for a second. He is an evil man!! He called me at 2:00 yesterday to say that the team had arrived back in Hervey Bay and he had my suitcase from Mom. That's all he called to say. AND he wouldn't bring it home. He said I had to wait!!! Evil I tell you!! =)

Anyway, thanks Mom for the stuff. Thanks for the extra stuff that I didn't even ask for. I'm pretty sure the money I sent didn't cover everything so thank you heaps and heaps.

Well, I'm off to take the girls to Grandma's, have a look at a new couch and then get my home ready for a nice ladies evening. I can't wait. I'll try to take pictures too.

Have a great weekend!


grammynurse said...

Were only nice ladies invited??
Glad you like the suitcase. Did it cost extra for them with the changes in airlines?

Enjoy your evening

i'm kelly said...

what a fun package to open!