Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Randomness

So Happy Father's Day to my dad. (not to Josh since our Father's Day isn't until September). loved the pics of you getting wet at Sea World, Dad. If anyone else wants to see them go check out Tanya's blog. I did better with Father's Day than Mother's Day because I am telling Dad Happy Father's Day and I actually had the girls do up little cards for him. However, those cards are still waiting to be mailed. Sorry, Dad. Hopefully this week. And sorry Mom that I forgot Mother's Day. I really do love you and appreciate you!! =)

The girls have been a bit sick this week with colds. We were planning on church this morning but once I heard them do the big hacking cough and saw the snot running from their noses I decided that wouldn't be a wise idea. Josh has been sick this week as well with a UTI so I left them home with him. I told him that after a week of sick kiddies and a sick husband I just needed to leave my house. So I went to Sunday school and church by myself. Wow, it was so nice to listen to the sermon and take notes. The girls are pretty good in church but they can be very distracting. After church I picked up some Hungry Jack's (Burger King) and brought it home. As I turned the corner into our little development I met Josh and the girls just coming home from a walk. We have a school about 5 minutes walk away and Josh takes the girls there and lets them play on the playground. So I picked them up and drove them home.

At this moment, Catie and Emma are supposedly resting in their room but it sounds more like playing. Josh is asleep in our room and Beka is asleep in her room. So I'm enjoying my alone time and sitting here at the computer catching up on blogs and eating ice cream with some of Josh's peanut M&Ms. (shhh, don't tell him. I'll buy him some more.)

Had something exciting happen yesterday. Well, I was excited but you probably won't be. I have been looking for shirts and decided to look in Target yesterday while we were at the mall getting Josh's antibiotics. I found a shirt I loved (surprise #1) and it was on sale from $44.99 down to $18.87 (surprise #2). And then best surprise of all, when I got to the register it was marked down even further to $13.20!! How cool is that? We went to Rivers after that and I got two more shirts which were on sale for $10 each. So I got three shirts for less than the original price of the first shirt!! Very exciting in my life!! =)

There you go, Tanya, I put up another post. Moved your picture down the line a little =). I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget to call your dad and don't call him collect. =)

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