Friday, May 30, 2008

what do you do...

when it is cold and rainy outside for the second day in a row? Well, you go to DLTK kids and print off some crafts. I chose toilet paper roll crafts after finding 9 rolls in the girls' rubbish.

Then you let them start colouring, cutting, pasting and taping to their little hearts' content.

See how cute they are. They're Dora and snowmen if you can't tell. =) The butterflies are drying since we did watercolours. for some reason they don't want to dry today. =)

Then, you let your children take your dining room chairs and hand crocheted blanket from your mom and make a circus tent.

Then after playing for an hour or so like that you send them off to bed for rest time. =)

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i'm kelly said...

looks like a fun day!