Friday, May 23, 2008


Just wanted to give a little shout out to some people that have made my life easier:

  • Whoever it was that invented water colour pencils. SO much easier than the paints
  • Crayola or whoever it was that invented washable markers, crayons and paints
  • the person who invented the clothes dryer--it rained all day
  • the pest control guy for telling me it wasn't termites and not making me feel silly for thinking it was
  • the creators of Boz
  • washing machines--2 wet beds and the flu (no not the egyptian flu just the regular old run of the mill flu and it was Beka)
  • the creators of MSN messenger so I can chat with Tanya and Mom
  • Josh--he's a hard worker and doesn't care if the girls "help" him even if the job takes twice as long.
  • Whoever decided that the county fair/show was a good reason for a public holiday
Have a great weekend! We're off to the missions dinner.

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