Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thankful Thursday

  1. The weather is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Yes, I'm shouting
  2. I got my new American passport
  3. I got an email saying Catie's Aussie passport is in the mail. (haven't heard about mine yet, hmmmmm....)
  4. I have a dryer (my high thread count sheets don't seem to like line drying. )
  5. High thread count sheets (one set is 450 and one is 600. so nice.)
  6. Washing machine (doing some serious laundry catch up)
  7. I got to do something crafty yesterday for me
  8. Did a fun butterfly craft today with the girls
  9. Got to chat with Tanya (Hi Tanya)
  10. chocolate ( need I say more?)

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