Tuesday, May 27, 2008

two faced Monday

The bad
  • Catie and Emma spent the first 8 hours or so vomiting
  • Josh and I were up all night with them.
  • Then I didn't feel well
  • While I was laying down and Josh was taking a shower Catie started calling for me. Finally she said, Mama, your oven is smoking
  • Beka accidentally turned on a stove burner and melted a plastic spatula
  • It was my favourite spatula
  • My house was engulfed in a black cloud of really smelly probably toxic smoke
  • It still smells in the main room
  • we had to go out for the day instead of having a day spent laying around watching movies and getting better.
  • I got sick and went to bed at 6:00 pm
The good
  • Beka didn't burn herself
  • We have a ceramic stovetop making it much easier to clean up
  • The girls are all better
  • We have family in town so were able to take naps at Grandma's house
  • our house didn't burn down
  • Josh got dinner for the girls and put them to bed and took care of them when they fussed (Emma had a fever still)
  • Josh has a job where they understand that he couldn't work yesterday.
Let's hope Tuesday is bit better for us. =)


Tanya said...

so sorry you all got sick--hope you feel better today. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Big Hugs!!!! (((((HUG))))