Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Calvin and Hobbes

Click on the picture to make it larger if you wish. So, the other day I went op shopping with all three girls. It actually went alright. That was the day I bribed them with lollies at Nana's Pantry. Anyway, I found these great sheets for $4. I plan on making lots of things with them, an apron, pj pants, skirts, dresses, etc. Where else can you buy that much fabric for $4. I should measure it all out and figure out how much I paid per metre. =) Still, that isn't what this post is about. I also found a Calvin and Hobbes book for $2. A little pricier than I would normally pay but Josh likes comics and I like Calvin and Hobbes and I like to have books on my bookshelf that the Sauvageot boys can read when they come over so I bought it. Well, I didn't count on the fact that even though Catie can't read she can enjoy comics. She has carried that book around with her since Saturday. She reads it every nap time and tries to read it in the dark after I've put her to bed. She talks about it constantly. During nap time I'll hear her giggling out loud. And for not being able to read she really gets what its all about. She asked me the other day why no one else saw Hobbes. And why does Calvin think he's real? So, I think it was totally worth my $2 as long as she doesn't turn into Calvin when she turns 6. And by the way, Josh and I both agree that there is no way that Calvin is 6. I have yet to meet a 6 year old that smart and believe me I've met alot of 6 year olds.

I also bought some DK rhyming phonics books. The stickers said 30 cents each so I grabbed all 4 that I found. Got up to the counter and they said all childrens books are 10 cents. BONUS!!

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