Saturday, May 3, 2008

random pics and stuff

Went shopping at Nana's Pantry today. I told the girls it was because we needed buttermilk pancake mix and it's the only place in town to get the organic unbleached flour that I use. (does that make me sound like a hippy or something?) And I told them that I would let them each get a couple lollies from the bulk lolly section. but the reason I REALLY go to Nana's Pantry???

Yep, I go for the Dr. Pepper. =) They are one of the two places in town I can buy Dr. Pepper. Which is why I pay $2+ for it. By the way, I've opened that can and am drinking it right now. It is the only thing I've had to drink or eat this morning. Yep, Dr. Pepper for breakfast at 11:27 am. (so much for being the healthy hippy) =)

You might wonder what this is. This, my friends, is Josh's shed. Looks kinda small you say? well, here's picture of it and the slab it will go on.

Yes, it seems small to me too. Will be interesting to watch it go up on monday.

Does this mean I'm stupid? See that sudoku? It's extreme sudoku. As in 16x16 squares rather than 9x9. The page is covered in my scribbles, the back too. Heaps of smears from the crappy pencil eraser. How did it take, you ask? oh, not too long. Just 4.5 hours!! Seriously!! What a major waste of time. So frustrating. But it felt good when I finished. And it gave me something to blog about. =) Yeah, I need one of those addicted to blogging t-shirts.

Also, I should add to my list from the other day. I also made cupcakes for us, two cakes for the school conference, and changed two complete bedding sets (not just sheets but everything!) due to small children's bladders (and yes, the small could refer to both the child and the bladder).

Have a great weekend. We have missionaries speaking in church tomorrow, communion, choir and tomorrow night Grandpa (Floyd) is speaking. Should be a busy day. but Monday is a holiday so at least Josh will be home and more than likely putting up a shed.

P.S. Happy Birthday to my friend Saminda for Sunday and Shane on Monday. Hope your days are great!!

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