Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In love

This time it's Josh who is in love. Surprisingly we can be a little picky about food in this household. We don't do canola or soy so we splash out more money on olive, rice bran or sunflower oil and margarine. We don't relish the idea of eating the bleach that you use on your clothes so we use organic unbleached flour and organic raw sugar. We prefer free range organic eggs or actually our favourite eggs are straight from Gwen's chickens. Well, Josh has been complaining for sometime about the fact that we drink "fake" milk. A couple months ago he met a lady that has dairy cows and struck up the conversation of how much he would love to buy "real" milk. Well, she showed up on Monday with 9 litres of non pasteurised, non homogenised milk and Josh LOVES it. (Of course she showed up Monday because I went grocery shopping on Saturday and bought 12 litres of fake milk.) Josh had some of the milk at dinner tonight and the girls asked to try it. It was funny. Catie thought it was delicious and tasted like cream. Emma reckons it tastes like sour cream (which she loves) and Beka said it was "tasty". So I guess from now on we will be buying mostly "real" milk and only I will be drinking the "fake" milk as the other stuff makes me sick. Just one more thing to tick off on our "weird relative list" i.e. Josh and Tamra, they're the ones that homeschool and don't vaccinate and buy milk with bacteria still in it. =) We know you love us!! We love you too.

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