Friday, May 2, 2008

Another week

Well, it's almost the end of the week. Josh has a conference on at school today and tomorrow so Saturday will end up like most of our other days this week.
What did we get done this week?
  • about 10 loads of laundry
  • cleaned two bathrooms (except the floor)
  • vacuumed most the rooms in the house
  • vacuumed the rug twice
  • swept the floor almost every day
  • got some schoolwork done
  • watched a couple episodes of Firefly with Josh for our date night
  • watched (probably too much) ABC kids
  • played outside in the glorious fall weather
  • went on a walk
  • played with play-doh
  • started some craft projects
  • planned some homeschool stuff
  • kept myself busy
  • only had Josh bring dinner once and chocolate for me once =)
  • planned out a post about a controversial subject and haven't decided if I'll post it yet.
  • had a pretty good week in spite of the beginning.
  • *edited to add these--got my applications in for my two passports and Catie's Aussie passport. Spent a total of $400 doing that!!! And we aren't even planning a trip anytime soon.

Walked outside to get the mail this morning. came in to sit back down at the computer (the other chair in the main room was occupied by Emma) and what do I see? Beka stole my chair while I was gone for 30 seconds. So I took her picture. she was too busy telling me to move so she could watch Playschool to look at me or smile. Although she was laughing when I came back in and found her there.

Anyway, have a good weekend.

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