Thursday, July 2, 2009


yep there's that baby bump that is measuring 2 1/2 weeks ahead. And there's also my unmade bed. And the cradle sitting on it waiting to be put together. We did put it together shortly after these photos but I didn't make the bed. Instead I stripped it and washed everything. =)

Size 0000 and 000 (0-3 and 3-6 months) clothes. Mostly 000 as my babies never stay in 0000 for long. Even Catie grew out of them in a couple weeks.

Size 00 clothes and size 0/1 clothes.

nappies and nappy bag.

Found these fabrics on sale at Spotlight on Tuesday. Want to make little short suits like the pattern. Mom, the smallest size for this pattern is 1. Will it be easy to make it a bit smaller or should I look for a similar pattern that makes a bit smaller? These are just plain cotton fabrics and I'm guessing he'll wear a size 1 during winter next year.

Went through the boxes of baby clothes that Jennie gave back to me. Found heaps of little onesies and a few sleepers that are boys/unisex. so now there is a second drawer of the littlest clothes. found this really cute little outfit that Mom made for a boy when I was pregnant with Beka. Had totally forgotten about it and can't wait to use it. So cute!! So I did a whole big load of baby clothes laundry yesterday. Didn't hang them out though, just used the dryer. So much fun. now to wait the weeks to use them. =)

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grammynurse said...

Like the material. I have 3 patterns in smaller sizes that may work for you. Look at Simplicity 7200 and 9275. Also Butterick 6030. I can bring them and if you like Simplicity is on sale for $1 this weekend. Thought you would like the plaid shirt in 6030 and make it with denim pants. Haven't done it yet. I still have time. I agree with you, it is sooo fun to get all the baby clothes ready. Of course it helps that the girls aren't there to help(?).