Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby update

Spent half an hour at the clinic on Monday and then 1.5 hours at the hospital today. On Monday I met with a doctor that I don't really like so that kind of annoyed me. She pushed the ultrasound up until 38 weeks. And when I told her that I'd started itching a lot she gave me a request for a liver function blood test. We (the girls and I) went to the hospital Tuesday morning for the blood test. It is a fasting test so I hadn't eaten anything. And we were running late as I wanted to be there early so I could be at the front of the line. Well, the parking lots were completely full and I would've had to park out on the road and walk in with the girls. Being that I was already cranky I decided not to do it. I went to an independent pathology lab but was told that this test had to be done at the hospital. Phooey!! Ended up running a bunch of errands with the girls and ran into a friend at the grocery store so we went out for lunch. I was super hungry!! =)

This morning Josh didn't have jury duty so I dropped the girls off at the school with him and headed to the hospital. I decided to give their x-ray dept a chance and went to book the ultrasound with them. surprisingly they had an appointment open. so I go in 3 weeks from today for that. Then I headed down to pathology. one guy was already in the chair getting blood drawn and there were 6 more people ahead of me. One hour later I was done. And probably 10 minutes of that was the tech trying to find my veins. Apparently cold and fasting doesn't help with veins that are already hard to find. =) I'll find out next week about the results of the blood test. If it comes back that I have cholestasis, they normally induce at week 37 for baby's health. That's in 2 weeks!!!

One of my friends who works in the clinics called and asked if I could help out with a teaching class. So I stopped in to see her and get the info. On Saturday I will be a "live model" for the rural and remote doctors to learn about palpitating a pregnant belly. Up to 5 doctors will have a feel of the baby and I get $50. Sounds good to me. My (and the baby's) first and probably only paid modeling job. hee hee =)

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grammynurse said...

In case I don't talk to you. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame! Or will it be longer? A girl at work is expecting and looks like she is due but the c-section isn't due until Sept. 21. I look at her and imagine you.