Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dot Points

because I haven't done them in a while. =)

  • haven't seen any mice since we caught those two!! YAY!!
  • blood test results were normal. YAY!!
  • we're planting the garden today. YAY!!
  • the girls have nits/lice and it is taking forever to get rid of them. I'm almost tempted to use nasty chemicals. YUCK!!
  • One of the elements/burners on my stove blew out a week ago. Too bad it's the only one I can use my frying pan on. YUCK!!
  • Thankfully, I have an electric frying pan. And I can still use the other 3 burners and the oven. YAY!!
  • Beka knows the baby is coming soon and has turned into a whingy, clingy, temper tantrum throwing, sooky, stubborn 3 year old. And she knows exactly what to do to annoy her sisters. And they fall for it EVERY time. DOUBLE YUCK!!
  • The girls have apparently grown since winter started because their pajama pants are getting too short. And they are eating and/or hungry ALL the time. At least they are healthy! YAY!!
  • Well, we're headed off to the grocery store and Bunnings. Hopefully that's a YAY!!

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