Friday, July 17, 2009

The mouse saga continues

So, after Josh took the mouse down the street we didn't see him (the mouse) for awhile. but I think he has made it back home. I see the mouse at least once a day. Yesterday he was under the computer desk because he ran out and bumped into my foot. don't know if that freaked out him or me more. =) We often see him running between the couch in the main room and the piano in the front room. Every single thing we've put on the trap in the craft room he has eaten off the trap without springing it.

*I have three pics like this because the mouse is too quick for the camera*

Josh has tried EVERYTHING including super-gluing the cheese to the trap. he did that last night and within one minute, before he was even out of the room, the mouse was nibbling on it. However, most of that cheese is still there. Peanut butter is apparently too easy for this mouse. Even when put under and over the bait part.

Last night Josh set up a container type trap and the mouse figured out how to get the cheese without springing that trap, too!! The first time he barely escaped and dropped the cheese but when we got up this morning the cheese is gone and the trap is still set. So not only do we have a mouse problem we apparently have a mouse pet that we feed every day. GRRR!!!!! Maybe we need a cat, or a snake. I'm thinking maybe a better trap. Might have to go check out the trap selection at Bunnings this afternoon.

Well, I'm off to find a way to kill a mouse. I'm scared of using poison because he'll crawl somewhere we won't be able to find him (like under the wall pocket doors and into the walls) and stink out the whole house. Wish me luck!!

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