Friday, July 31, 2009

Cakes part 1

Nicole~the bride (on the left) and our friend Roseanne. Nicole's brother, Phillip was also a big help. And you'll notice we had chocolate to help us survive. =)

You can't really see but we stamped pretty swirly flower designs on the cupcake tops. Then we (meaning Roseanne and Nicole) brushed silver sparkly dust stuff on top.

We wanted to use the black fondant on the the white cupcakes but as you can see the icing/powdered sugar got all over it and was hard to get off, you couldn't see the stamp well at all and when we tried the silver dust it just made a mess. So we scrapped the black and covered all the cupcakes with white.

we made a big mess. It was really nice to use the school's hospitality classroom though because we had 4 ovens, 3 benchtops, 3 sinks, all their utensils, knives, trays, etc. to use.

This is the cutting cake. It was supposed to be a big cupcake but the top layer didn't turn out right. So I kept it simple. It has figurines to go on top so I put a cake board just under the icing, hence the triangle at the back so they know where I cut the board so they could cut the cake.

I'll try to get pictures of the cakes tomorrow at the reception. They're not perfect by any means but who was expecting perfection if I made them? =)

Mom, I tried to take another picture of the girls' art on the back porch but most of the chalk is now on their bike tires. =) Definitely an activity we'll try again though.

Nicole's headed this way to pick up the cake then we're off to Maryborough to the only shop I can find 12x12 frames. Need them for Beka's and the baby's pages in the front room and a gift for Nicole. Need to do that up this afternoon.

Have a great weekend!!

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