Monday, July 27, 2009

Making stuff

trying out stamping fondant and putting it on cupcakes. That's what we're doing for Nicole's wedding cake this week. not snowmen though. =)

found out if you put it on too soon the heat makes the fondant wrinkly. Glad I did a practice run.

finished the bibs. my favourite is the dinosaur.

made some iron on transfers for the kids. Emma just told me that she was hoping to wear her "pink shirt with the football on it" today. I told them they have to wait until there's a baby brother to wear his shirt. =)

Like mother, like daughters--this is the aftermath of their "making stuff" =)

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Helen said...

Hmmmm - I love, love, love the bow tie bib! What a dashing little man he will look in that! I also love the pink football t-shirts! And the garden looks fabulous - yum! Is there anything you can't do? Are you singing "three weeks to go" in your head or out loud? Take care and eat plenty of cake!! Love Helen