Saturday, July 11, 2009

Christmas in July

So, here it is July already and as usual my thoughts are turning to Christmas. This cooler weather makes it seem like Christmas is approaching soon. And this year it probably will come sooner than I expect. Josh and I found a cute wooden dollhouse for the girls for Christmas. Josh wrapped it and put it up in the storage space above the school room. The girls saw it yesterday and are very excited about Christmas presents. I bought these for them and they will each get a family of dolls. I'm going to paint them sort of like this. I was going to make (well, technically have someone else make) dollhouses similar to the ones on grace violet but was happy when we found the dollhouse.

The girls also like to use our building blocks so I'm thinking about buying them some of these. We were given a set of wooden blocks but there aren't enough in the set for all 3 girls. This will help round out our set. And I'm thinking the baby NEEDS this. =) Too cute. We'll round out the girls' gifts with some books and a few odds and ends and that's them taken care of.

I've decided on pillowcases and name plaques for the nieces and nephews. I'm mostly done with the names. I just need help on this one. It's too plain. What should I do??Then I need to sew up the pillowcases. I have all the fabric ready. Just need to sit and do it. Then Mom and Dad can take them home in their empty suitcases. =) I'm cheap like that.

I've been making a couple other things too.

Bought a pack of 7 bibs on sale for $8 so am having fun adding a little cuteness to them. (does that red ric rac make anyone else want to say "Good grief"?) Also trying my hand at making a sock monkey. He obviously still needs his right arm and ear to be put on.

And I spent my morning etching pyrex for a bridal shower.

Speaking of the bridal shower I'd better get dressed and ready to go. TTFN!! =)

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grammynurse said...

Once again I must say "You are awesome" How about some daisies or butterflies for Ashleigh?