Thursday, July 9, 2009


Okay, there's no photo with this post as I don't think you'd appreciate seeing Beka's chapped cheeks and lips, runny nose, weepy eyes, etc. But maybe I'll add a photo later of the yummy cinnamon rolls I just slid into the oven for our breakfast. We needed something sweet in our week.

So the girls came home on Sunday. It was great to see them, of course. They chattered non-stop as we unpacked, fixed some dinner, gave them a bath and put them to bed. And once they hit those beds they crashed. They were all asleep within 5 minutes. =) Catie came home with a runny nose (typical for this time of year). If you look at her in the photo at the top of the page you'll see a big red mark between her nose and mouth from constantly wiping her nose. Poor baby. She's almost over that now. Beka came home with a bit of a cough that has only worsened this week. Again very typical for this time of year. Tuesday night she woke up coughing about every 15-20 minutes. I think it was hurting her throat because she would start crying. The longest stretch of sleep she and I got that night was about 1.5 hours. It was a very long night. Yesterday morning the cough just kept sounding worse so I called and made an appointment with the doctor. Then she had a three hour nap and the cough seemed to improve. Still took her to the doctor to have him confirm that it is just a run of the mill non-complicated viral respiratory infection. I thought it was but was unsure if the cough was settling on her chest. Last night I gave her some Panadol (tylenol) and Demazin (cough syrup) around 6, put her to bed at 7 and didn't hear a peep out of her until she woke up with a coughing fit at 6:30am. I think today will be spent wiping her nose every 2 minutes but she is definitely feeling better. YAY!!

Catie and Emma were so good yesterday. I laid back down with Beka when she took her nap and was able to sleep a lot of those 3 hours as well. Josh had a job he had to go do so the girls were on their own. They brought me the peanut butter jar to open but made themselves sandwiches for lunch. And they played so quietly and behaved so well. When I got up they were playing "church" in the front room. Jennie called to see if Ben could come play with the girls as he had been asking all week. So she brought Ben and Emily over to watch Catie and Emma while I took Beka to the doctor. They really enjoyed that.

Tuesday I ripped everything out of the garden. Well, not everything...I have some cabbages that were totally eaten by worms but then grew back and are growing really well. So I didn't have the heart to take them out. But I took everything else out. We went to Bunnings and bought some 5-in1 stuff (fertilizer, food, and 3 other things.) =) I need to go spread it in the garden. I'll let it sit for a week or two and then start planting. so far we are starting with sunflowers, sweet corn, watermelon, rockmelon (cantaloupe), and cucumbers. Those are all seeds. I'll also get some lettuce seedlings and maybe one tomato plant. Then I need to clear out the front garden and finish planting strawberries across the front of it. So it will be all roses and strawberries, but the snapdragons are so pretty right now I might wait on that for a little longer. And I'm thinking I'm going to try planting potatoes in a container. The girls are going to make garden journals. We'll start by drawing pictures of the seeds and what they think they'll look like when they're done growing. Then every week go out in to the garden and draw the progress the plants are making.

This baby is definitely making himself known. He must be as tall as Josh because he can seem to be laying across my tummy right under my ribs and yet be jumping on my bladder at the same time. =) Every night as I lay on the couch and watch tv he puts on a show moving my belly all over the place. Josh finds it quite amusing. It was funny the first few times but it can be annoying at times now. But all in all I feel much better at the end of this pregnancy than I have with the others. Must be the cooler weather. now if I could only find a pair of pants that stay up!!

Well the timer went off for the cinnamon rolls so I'll quit rambling and go gorge myself. =)

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grammynurse said...

What a grand idea. You gorge yourself so the pants don't fall off! I'm so proud of the 'helpers' Hopefully Beka continues to improve. We leave 5 weeks from NOW!