Monday, May 4, 2009

Stories part 1

So...Josh and the mouse...

Once upon a time (last week) in a land far far away (Hervey Bay, AUS) there lived a little girl. One night her mama went to check on her and she was still awake. So her mama laid down with her. As they laid there the mama saw a dark shape run from the window towards the closet. So she called for the big strong daddy. =) He chased the mouse a bit and it escaped out the door and ran down the hall to the laundry room and hid behind the washing machine. So they left the mouse alone and the little girl went to sleep. Several nights later as the mama headed to bed she checked on her little girl. As she opened the door the mouse ran from the foot of the bed up to the hole between the head of the bed and the wall. The mama called for the big strong daddy to come help. He carried the little girl into the mama's bedroom. (a nappy change was in order as well) Then he got prepared for warfare. =) After finding an ice cream bucket he went into the little girl's room and shut the door. The little girl and the mama heard bangs and shuffles and more bangs. At one point they heard a big bang against the door and then some tiny squeaking and then the big strong daddy laughing. Soon after they heard the patter of tiny mouse feet running down the hallway and the big strong daddy came barging out the door in hot pursuit. The mouse was so frightened and confused that it missed the laundry room doorway. He turned around to run back in and that's when the big strong daddy pounced and covered the mouse with the ice cream bucket. There were LOTS of tiny squeaks after that. The mama found some poster board and cardboard and brought it to the big strong daddy. First using the posterboard and then the cardboard the big strong daddy was able to pick up the ice cream bucket with the mouse safely captured inside. The mama and the big strong daddy kept laughing all through this. Then there was the debate over what to do with the mouse. The big strong daddy showed his tender side when he stated that he didn't think he could kill the mouse. So the mama said that he should take the mouse outside away from the house and let it go. Then she would go get some traps the next day but at least she wouldn't have to worry about the mouse for the night. So the big strong daddy took the mouse outside and (because it was very chilly) ran down the street. He caused the mama to laugh and laugh because he just kept running farther and farther down the street. He finally stopped over halfway down the street and released the mouse then ran back home. The big strong daddy and the mama went back to the little girl's room and put the curtains back down and the mattress back down and then the big strong daddy carried the little girl back to bed. The mama gave the big strong daddy a big kiss to say thank you for saving the day...errr..night.
The End.

p.s. old photo of Josh, he now has contacts and facial hair. =)
p.p.s. Beka tells people that she has a pet mouse in her bedroom.


The Vest Nest said...

That's hilarious...and cute!

grammynurse said...

You need to start writing stories. I laughed until the tears cam. I could picture all the illustrations you painted.