Saturday, May 2, 2009


okay, had to share the photos. No before photos because that would've been beyond embarrassing. Just imagine not being able to see the floor because of stuff. So, here is the new improved, SIMPLIFIED craft room. You can't see it but there is a tall dresser to the left of the second picture. It is completely empty for the moment and will stay that way until some special guests have visited. =) That way I won't have to figure out where to put that stuff when clearing space for them. And all we have to do is move a bed into that blank corner. There are no plastic containers of stuff out in the room and only 1 medium sized one with project stuff in it and one small one with scrapping stuff in it in the closet. The boxes of pictures, some Christmas ornaments, a small 5 drawer dresser, and 4 basket stacker thingy are also in the closet. (But there is still room for Mom and Dad's hanging stuff.) HEAPS of stuff given away and thrown away. YAY!!! I love it. I need some sort of lighting on the desk as the light in the room isn't very good and I'll need a power strip thingy for all the cords, but it's definitely way better than it was. Now on to finish the nappy bag, dummy clips and Beka's quilt. Oh yeah, and the bluebonnet trail hanging for the front room.

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grammynurse said...

Have I ever told "You are AWESOME"?