Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday's one of those days. Had ladies' fellowship meeting over here this morning. It went well and the ladies left around noon. Then I fed the girls lunch and took a nap with Beka. Now, I just can't get moving again. =)

I've started sorting out my patterns and fabrics to use them up. I have two heavy weight fabrics and not enough of either to make something (grrr!!) and the rest of my fabric is lightweight cotton. Not really the best for winter. But I've decided to use the cotton and make springy/summery clothes for the girls and they can just wear tights or leggings and long sleeved shirts under them. And then I don't have to make their summer clothes while snuggling with a newborn. I did grab one of the long sleeved shirts that got too short for Catie, cut off the bottom and added a fabric skirt. Turned out really well and super easy so might try that again. Of course we'll have to see if she'll wear it. Yesterday she loved it but today she wouldn't wear it.

Been experimenting with making meal time easier. When I bought 3 kg of mince (hamburger) last week I split it up and made 3 batches of meatballs and cooked two of them in the oven then froze them for mostacioli (and used one batch for mostacioli that night) and then browned the rest of the mince and bagged it up to freeze as well. Already made spaghetti with the frozen meat making it an even faster meal. And then Monday I bought 3 kg of boneless skinless chicken breast when it was on sale. Stuck it all in the crockpot and cooked it. Then bagged it up and froze it except for one bag which I used last night for chicken enchiladas. So now I have 9 bags of meat in the freezer ready to throw in a meal. And haven't spent much extra time on it either. So in a couple weeks when we get our 1/4 or 1/3 of a cow that we've ordered I'm going to cook up most of the mince before freezing it. And I'll probably do some more meatballs too. If I'm gonna get my hands messy making meatballs might as well make a bunch of them. This time I'll remember to use a REALLY big bowl. =) But I will freeze some as is for hamburgers or meatloaf. I wonder if you can mix up meatloaf and then freeze it?? Anyway...

I tried making extra banana muffins and chocolate chip cookie dough to freeze but that didn't work. We ended up cooking all the dough and eating the cookies and banana muffins just don't last very long around here. Might have to try that again sometime though.

Well, the girls are playing outside and my house is mostly tidy (all the areas the ladies could see are tidy but my bedroom and the school room could use some help) so I should probably make dinner and hang out some laundry. Seriously behind on laundry (as usual) due to the weekend and then two days of rain. But oh, the last two days have been rainy and gray and chilly. It's been beautiful!! Josh reckons it is time to put the flannel sheets on the bed. So there's another load of laundry to do. =)

Hopefully we'll have a nice quiet day at home tomorrow and play some catch up with homeschool. We had friends drop by on Monday, went to Maryborough with friends on Tuesday, had ladies' meeting today and will have play group on Friday. Here's to a quiet tomorrow. =)

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Nice blogging. It's good to see what you're up to.
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