Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've been moving a few things around in the front room. I moved the 12x12 wall frames all into one corner instead of around the room like I had them before. I didn't have room for the baby's frame if I kept them the same. They are Wedding-top left, Catie-top right, Emma-bottom left and Beka-bottom right. The baby's will go under Emma's. I need to get a new frame for Beka and the baby to match Catie and Emma's frames. I also re-did Emma's frame. I like it better but still don't love it. This is the 3rd time I've done it. I really like the background paper this time but maybe I need to redo the paper I used to frame the pics/wording?? oh well. By the way, there are normally quilts/blankets on my quilt/towel frame but the girls have been playing in there this morning. And I decided not to clean up for these photos. Notice there are no shots of the floor. =) I think I'll use the other wall space next to the window (far left) for all our name plaques. But I don't know what to do with the spaces beside the mirror. (and yes, I'm still looking for nice white and/or red flowers to put in the vase on the right side of the piano at the moment it just has a few yellow roses and some bluebonnets and the tall swirly stuff.) I am still working on my bluebonnet trail wall hanging but sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't. I'm thinking I'll hang it on the left of the mirror. But what to do with the right hand side? Barn stars are almost unheard of here and if you do chance to find one it'll be expensive. More family photos? Maybe 2 rows of 12x14 frames with 8x10 photos in them? I don't know. I went through all my magazines and through a lot of pics online but can't find something to copy. FRUSTRATING!! oh well. it'll come to me. =) I thought about moving this from the dining area and putting it beside the mirror but then what do I put in it's place?

I'm also wanting something different here by the door. I'm thinking a small shelf with keyhooks above the light switch. but not sure as that may be a little much since it is beside the shelves Dad made for me above the couch. And I need to replace the dresser. Maybe a book shelf? That way we can even keep our shoes on it instead of just laying on the floor. Probably just a table though. But my main reason is because this cute little black dresser is a cockroach magnet. I won't even tell you how disgusting it is to open the drawers. (oh and just in case you think how reddish the couch looks--my hammer that is laying on it is the one that Mom gave to us girls so many years back and it is hot pink!!)

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Sarah said...

I love your swirly black picture frame (or whatever you would call it). That is awesome! Did you make that too? I really need to hang some pics.