Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nesting updated

two cheap clocks from Big W. We might add more as we think of places. Right now it is Hervey Bay and Flower Mound. And yes, I put it on the left of the mirror because the more I sat and looked at that wall (more time than you'd think) the more I realized that the wallhanging would be too big for that side so I'll go with the original idea of hanging it on the right.

$25 cheapie side table from Sam's Warehouse (not the same as the one in the States)

Sign I already had painted by yours truly (don't look too close)

Sign for the front door that makes me laugh. (again painted by me so don't look too closely) it's resting in my pink toolbox as it dries.

This grasshopper is nesting in my flower!! I couldn't resist taking a picture.

I found a quilt cover that I like but am unsure how brown the brown is and what it would look like with the black. What do you think?

And Sarah, that swirly photo thing in the previous post was sent to me by Mom. I think it was from Terry's Village or something similar. She bought it in 2006.

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grammynurse said...

The swirly thing is from ABC I remember seeing it recently in one of their catalogs again. You are doing a great job. Depends on color of brown with black. You could always usually bright pillows. But then it's a pain to always put them back on the bed.