Saturday, May 16, 2009


So, a couple weeks ago I found the blog Mennonite Girls can Cook. It's over on the right on my list of blogs if you want to check it out. And, you know what? they can cook. I love looking through their recipes. A couple weeks ago I made my first lemon meringue pie and a chocolate meringue pie. I didn't quite use their recipe for chocolate meringue pie because I already had a chocolate pie mix but I did use that meringue recipe for both pies. Yesterday I made another lemon meringue pie and their chocolate chocolate chip cookies. I baked 24 cookies and made two cookie dough logs to freeze for slice and bake cookies. They'll come in handy sometime I'm sure. The girls LOVE the cookies but to be honest I found them a little TOO chocolatey. I think this little boy is seriously messing with my love for chocolate. I don't really like lemon but I did like the lemon meringue pie last night. I think the sweet meringue balanced out the slightly tart lemon filling. We have half the pie still in the fridge so we might have to finish that off today. =) Anyway, thought I'd share a really yummy site to check out. Just beware that by the time you get finished browsing through it you will probably be hungry.

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