Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stories part 2

See these two innocent looking little girls? Well, they gave their parents quite a scare on Sunday. We had a full morning at church with Sunday school and then a service that included communion and a missionary guest speaker. We went up to the Sauvageot's for lunch and the girls and Ben went outside to play after we ate. Trevor, Andy and Jake play basketball in a league and their games are on Sunday afternoons. so they left to go play. We told the girls that they could go watch basketball with Josh and Steve in a little bit. After a little while Ben and Catie came inside and said they couldn't find Emma and Beka. We told them to keep looking because they had been playing hide and seek earlier. Steve and Josh got ready to go and Ben, Catie and Emma got in the van. Emma told us that Beka was going down to the school. We didn't believe her but couldn't find Beka when we had a look. The guys left and soon we got a phone call saying that they had found Beka about half way down the driveway. I was relieved at the thought that she hadn't made it to the road. I left after a little while and picked up a few groceries as Monday the shops would be closed. Then I picked up Josh and the girls from the basketball game. We started asking Beka why she was going down to the school. Josh asked Emma if she had gone down there too. Come to find out Beka was on her way back UP the hill/driveway when they picked her up. Emma had decided that the boys played basketball down at the school and she wanted to go play/watch. So she and Beka walked down the hill (Beka was barefoot!!) across the road (70km/50mph speed limit) past the church and on to the school basketball court. After they found it empty they came back up by the church, across the road and back up the hill. Emma came all the way up but Beka stopped and was sitting on the side of the driveway. I didn't even know what to think when this all came out. I kept trying to impress on them how dangerous it was and how it scared me. I think they finally got that point when Daddy took them in their rooms and had another talk with them and used the wooden spoon to make sure the point was well taken. =)

We are very thankful that it was Sunday and the traffic was very light on the road and that God kept those little girls safe. Emma had quite an eventful weekend what with the bead in the throat incident and this one!!

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grammynurse said...

I'm sure glad is in control and is our protector and the hedge about us. What a scare!! Hope they have learned a very important lesson. Love you all