Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beka's quilt


I sat down to work on the squares for Beka's quilt yesterday while the girls rested and then watched Playschool. Beka wandered in while I was doing this and decided she wanted to help decide which squares went where. I had been trying to do this randomly but found myself reaching for my favourite fabrics. Turns out my least favourite fabric is her favourite!! Anyway, after awhile (after I turned the tv off) the other two girls wandered in as well. Soon all three were engrossed in putting the squares together. They laughed and chatted and discussed colours and patterns and turns out their favourite is my least favourite as well. Oh well, they like the alphabet part of it and I hate the colours, it just doesn't seem to go with the others. Catie wanted the whole blanket out of it "or at least a pillow, Mama. It would be SOOOO cute." Anyway, with the ones Beka did by herself and the ones they all worked on they put together probably 3/4 of the squares. All I had to do was pin and sew them. (I'll spare you a pic of my horribly swollen feet and ankles after that job) A couple of the squares aren't quite what I'd put together but knowing that they all helped make Beka's quilt and they loved it...I wouldn't change a thing.

Now, I'm off to sew the rows together and then put the layers together and decide how to quilt and bind it. I'd like to finish it today. Beka keeps coming in our room during the night and two nights ago she woke me up at 3:30 saying "Mama, I'm so cold!" I knew I had to get in my fresh clean craft room and get it messy. But, you should be proud of me, Mom. I threw all the strings away as I sewed and even though the machine is out and the quilt is laid out on the floor, my room looks neat. =)

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grammynurse said...

I am proud of you!! Put those feet up on a pillow. Even a little elevation will help some!