Wednesday, May 20, 2009

still nesting

So, today I'm asking for help in my bedroom. I love my bedroom. Well, I love parts of it. I still love the wall colour (although I think it looks more tan than how green it shows here. I think it actually matches the sheets that are on the bed.) and all my black accents. The girls tore up the heart banner and the plant died and I've added a black dresser for the baby's stuff and a black mirror. But it needs some colour. I'm thinking of something like this.found here

But is that too much of a solid colour? They also have it in blue and green. They have brown too but that isn't what I'm looking for. I like the green in the close-up picture but not in the other one. Same with the blue. What if they aren't the colour I want? But they aren't as bold a choice as the red so might be a better option. I wouldn't mind something dark and then a nice bright blanket/throw across the bottom but seriously?? we wouldn't ever put it on there. I do have cute blue and green scrapbooking paper that I was thinking about putting on the top of the baby's dresser so maybe blue or green would be better? I just love red.

I need to do something with the window treatments too. I really want thick wooden blinds/shutters/whatever. But they cost so much. So we're waiting to see what we do.

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grammynurse said...

You really are nesting. Not much at decisions like that. Just make sure it will be something you like for a while and not get tired of quickly.