Monday, June 29, 2009


Packed and ready to go

Well, the girls left yesterday morning with Grandma and Grandpa. Catie woke up with a headache which is how Beka's sick day started so I was a little worried but after some Nurofen it went away and she seemed okay. Haven't heard anything from them so am assuming everything is fine. It was weird to go to church and sit with Josh and actually get to pay attention the entire time. No telling the girls to sit up and listen, no taking anyone to the toilet, no reminding them to keep their socks and shoes on, etc. weird, but nice.

Today I did a little bit of shopping. Went to a couple op shops, Target, Nana's Pantry, Woolies. It was nice to just walk around and look. I was even able to try some clothes on at Target. Found a couple shirts on sale that work for now and should work after baby is here too. At Woolies I spent $60. $15 of that was for Beka's pull-ups because I can't pass them up when they are $5 off. So $45 spent on our food for the week. And the menu is good food too. Spaghetti (because it is Josh's fave), steak and potatoes, chicken kiev, beef and black bean stir fry, etc. Josh has spent the last week on a juice/water fast/detox diet. YUCKY!! His original plan was for 10 days but has decided that if I'm going to be fixing such yummy food then he wants to eat. =) I have plans for breakfasts too--blueberry muffins, eggs and bacon, oatmeal (his fave), cinnamon rolls (my fave), etc. We still have quite a bit of fruit left over that Josh bought for juicing so we'll probably have some fresh juice as well. The girls have enjoyed the juicer and trying out all different types of juice. We should probably incorporate more of that in our diet. I can't see doing a juice only fast/detox but I could probably handle substituting fresh juice for a meal or two each day. We'll see.I have a clinic appt today with the midwives. Then in two weeks an appt with the dr's so they can request an ultrasound to see how big this boy is. At the following appt (36 weeks) they'll check the u/s and if they think he's too big probably schedule an induction around 38 weeks. Only problem with that is that's the week before Mom gets here. Of course we do have lots of help what with Josh's parents and the church family here too. I'm sure we'd survive. I prefer the baby coming before Mom and Dad get here then coming so late that they only see him for a week or less.

Well, I'd better get ready for my clinic appt. Then we're having dinner with friends. A nice easy day today. And tomorrow I'm off to shop in Bundy and lunch with my friend Marlana.


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grammynurse said...

Looks like it was a curler night! The girls look way too grrown up.What kind of juice does Josh make? A lady at Mayhill made a lot of uices but I think it was more vegetable. They all turned out green and lookes disgusting. Fruit juice sounds much beter.Have fun with Marlana. And Spotlight with no girls to chase!