Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beka Jane

This girl cracks me up
  • She climbs UP the mango tree. But she can't climb DOWN.
  • She has learned to swing all by herself.
  • She often states that her "tummy needs a drink" or her "tummy doesn't feel like eating the crusts". Yesterday when I told her it was nap time she said her "tummy didn't feel like going to bed."
  • She has started calling her blue blankie her "fummy blankie". I thought maybe it was because she sucks her thumb while holding it in bed. But when we babysat Emily earlier this week she called Emily's dummy (pacifier, binkie, Nuk, whatever) "Emily's fummy". So I don't know if she just can't say dummy and is applying that phrase to her thumb sucking blankie or what.
  • Yes, she still sucks her thumb. But she is only to have her blankie and suck her thumb when she is in bed.
  • She constantly comes up and kisses my belly and then says "I gave a kiss to the baby!"
  • She also likes to come up and push on my belly and say "Is the baby kicking me? Where is the baby? I think the baby wants to get out now."
  • She has the worst temper of any of the three girls. Wonder where she got that from? =)
  • She has a friend Cooper that she talks about ALL the time. He's a month younger than she is. She LOVES Cooper. But when they get together (playgroup, church, playdate, etc) they fight the entire time. And I'm talking screaming hitting fighting!!
  • She is SPOILED by everyone at church because "She is so cute!"
  • She is pretty cute with her long eyelashes, blonde hair and dimples. =)


Saminda said...

She is precious. :) I just adore that last photo of her!

Tanya said...

Ashleigh and Adreyn used to be just like Beka and Cooper...all those girls did was fight! They get along great now though!