Saturday, June 6, 2009

Catching Up

The weeks around here seem to be rushing by. Have you noticed the baby count down over there? 75 days!! Amazing!! I finished the nappy bag this week and we've filled it up just to see what it will be like. As nappies go on sale I've been buying a pack here and there. We count his clothes and try to think if he has enough. Names are constantly brought up in conversation to see if we can find the one that fits. I decided to help Josh by putting up some new ones as our background for the computer this month. That's the picture at the top of this post.

Our church is experiencing its first ever baby boom. We currently have three children 15 months and younger. By the end of the year we are hoping to add 5 babies to that number. Although, one of the mama's has spent the weekend in bed and is headed to a doctor this morning with the very real possibility that she is miscarrying. She is constantly on my mind and my heart is heavy for her this morning.

Emma has had 2 dry night in a row!!!! Daddy has promised her breakfast at McDonald's if she makes it 3 nights in a row.

We are headed to Brisbane and the Gold Coast next Wednesday. Josh might even take Tuesday and Wednesday off work. Which combined with Monday's public holiday means a whole week off work!! We are excited to catch up with friends and do some sight seeing and maybe even a little shopping.

Winter/mid-year school holidays are at the end of this month. Floyd and Gwen are taking the girls up to Rockhampton for a week. They are all so excited about it. The girls are constantly asking when they get to go to "camp". And Gwen has found plenty of fun activities for them to do while they are there. Josh and I don't know what we are going to do while childless for a week!! I'm sure we'll think of something.

Catie had a great time in Brisbane with Grandpa. She got home at bedtime on Thursday night. The first thing she told me was that she hadn't slept at all the whole time she was gone. HA! Then she told me that they didn't have to go to bed until 10!! She thought that was so cool and grown-up. The family they stayed with have an 8 year old and a 6 year old little girls. She had so much fun.

This was the first week of winter. So far it's been really mild. Not too hot through the days and nice and cool at night. I could live like this year round! The girls really want to see snow sometime though. So we'll have to plan a trip south some winter.

Well, the oven timer just went off for our banana muffins. So I'd better go get them out. Have a great weekend!!


Saminda said...

Thanks for the catch-up Tamra! I love these posts of yours that give us so much information on the 'little things' you guys have going on. :) Sorry I never called you to organise dinner... we still have to do that sometime before your little man comes along! (and then after again, so we can meet him ;)). My favourite names on your list are Noah, Jonah and Caleb. But they're all really nice names.
Wow, a week without the girls!! I know you'll miss them, but what a great opportunity to rest and just be grown-ups with Josh. :) Good couple time- those Grandparents are just wonderful!
All the best for your time away. It sounds fun. Thinking of you today and hope to see you soon,

grammynurse said...

Thanks for the all the news. I've been missing you. I thought maybe it was this weekend your were gone. Have a great time. I noticed that9 weeks left the other day and decided I'd better get on the ball. I do have one suitcase packed. Haven't weighed it yet. Maybe tomorrow?? When do the girls go North? You will miss them but do enjoy the time.

Tanya said... all the names except "Amos". I also polled all the girls at work and they agree with me about Amos...I think their favorite was Timothy...mine is Noah.