Saturday, June 20, 2009

Books, colds, camp, baby

I was going to say that we've been busy lately but we haven't really this week. I think it was just a week of trying to get back into routine and catch up on rest. Then we had playgroup on Friday and a book look/party this morning. The book thing went well this morning. I had one party booking and over $500 in sales so I get $75 in free product. Can't complain about that. Plus she gave me three books just for hosting it. Kinda makes up for the messy house but not quite. We had an additional 6 kids here. and we met Josh at McDonald's for lunch and didn't get home until 3. since then we did some school work and now the girls are watching Dora. So the house is still a little messy but hopefully won't take long to tidy. And dinner is doing to be left overs. I'm not feeling all that super with a scratchy throat and runny nose. And I think I'm going to lose my voice. Emma has the runny nose and a cough. So lots of Vitamin C and sleep for us.

The girls are SO excited about going "to camp" with Grandma. (that's what Beka calls it) They are counting down the days.

Mom and Dad get here 8 weeks from yesterday. That seems so close. And that's only 1 week before this baby is due!! Hopefully he pays attention to his eviction notice!! =)

I just re-read what I've written and it is like one long run-on sentence. So I'll quit. =)
Have a great weekend!

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