Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Beka and I are sick today. I feel miserable and feel even worse when I think of my babies feeling that way. Josh came home around lunch to help Catie and Emma get lunch for themselves and Nathan and put Nathan down for a nap. That helped heaps. I'm afraid he's gonna be on dinner duty because the roast is still frozen solid in the freezer. =)

More annoying than being sick?? that person somewhere around here who is listening to SUPER annoying music at a very much TOO LOUD level. I can feel the beat as I lay in bed and it gives me a headache. Seriously, get a job!!!!

update: music has stopped but now Catie is sick too. yucky yucky day


Saminda said...

Sorry to hear that Tamra. :( Tummy things are never fun. Will pray it passes quickly. xx

grammynurse said...

Hopefully this is 24 hour stuff. Praying for you all. Josh is good to help you. Fun to say -- See ya SOON!