Thursday, October 28, 2010

I made a skirt

because that's what I do when I'm tired, hot, a little bit cranky and hungry. =) I packed most of my clothes today and was going to throw the fabric and pattern in the suitcase but decided to just make it. Now I need some shirts to go with it.

I was trying to figure out how to hem it without making it much shorter and decided to use some ribbon. Now it's one of my favourite parts even though no one will ever see it. Well, beside you.

I even added a picture of it on me. Aren't you lucky? =)


grammynurse said...

I like the skirt. Is it chambray or what? Hangs really nice

Tamra said...

It's a really nice cotton. And the skirt is made in panels. really easy pattern. took me about 1.5 hours maybe?

Gwen said...

Hi Tamra, after seeing your blog up on your computer last night - thought I should get used to checking it so I can keep up with you all while you are away!
Such a cute skirt - love the fabric! You've inspired me to turn the light on in my sewing room on Sat and dive into my stash! Great idea for the hem as well - I'm thinking I may need to add length to the pattern for mine.