Friday, October 1, 2010

Don't forget this Kid

  • is a very big helper with her brother
  • is constantly reading everything she sees
  • well, almost everything, she's not a big fan of doing her schoolwork =)
  • is 7 years and 8 months old
  • loves to help cook in the kitchen
  • has started asking big and hard questions
  • thinks about and analyzes everything
  • comes up with solutions for everything.
  • gets very grumpy when she has been reading for too long
  • will watch anything on tv whether its interesting or not
  • can be a bit scatterbrained
  • is a very loving big sister, most of the time
  • has started trying to take notes in church and listens really well
  • always has questions about the sermon
  • comes up with very imaginative games to play with her sisters outside.


Saminda said...

I've really enjoyed the posts about each of your beautiful children Tamra. :) They are growing up so fast! I cannot believe how long Catie's hair is!

grammynurse said...

Thanx, Cate for bein such a helper. You just keep growing up. See you in6 weeks from tomorrow!! Loveyalots