Tuesday, October 12, 2010


life's been a little bit different but in a good way. For instance, in the last week we've gotten 3 bags of stuff off to the op shop and heaps more in the bin. Our bin day is on Friday and already we have so much rubbish that you can't close the bin. Nathan and Beka made a huge mess out of the kids' games box so I cleaned that up and then tackled the whole linen cupboard. It looks beautiful and there are even empty spaces! And I ended up with a whole empty container!! Then yesterday Josh had to move the fridge and so we cleaned behind it, on top of it and it's surface. It is so shiny and clean. No papers and a lot less magnets. That prompted a cleaning of all the cupboard faces. Nice clean shiny kitchen! And yesterday we also tackled the school room. It's nice and clean now too and the girls have been bribed with promised $5 of American money (that's the ultimate prize at the moment) to keep it clean in the 32 remaining days.

32 Days!!!!!

I'd like to get the painting finished in the house before we go but I guess it isn't a necessity. I HAVE to get the crap craft room cleaned up though. It seems it has become the dumping ground lately--"People are coming over in 10 minutes, throw everything in the craft room" "Mama, I don't know where this goes. I know. I'll put it in the craft room" "Daddy, this needs to be fixed. I'll just put it in the craft room." I have a few sewing projects I'd like to get finished up before we go including some Christmas presents but I guess I can take those with me and use Mom's sewing machine.

Well, Nathan just woke up and the Wiggly Waffle is over so back to work. =)

p.s. can't have a post without pictures so I leave you with these pics of the girls with Beka's new hula hoop.

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