Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I asked Josh to do a simple thing for me: grill some sausages, hamburgers and onions for Beka's birthday lunch. He agreed and neither of us realized what a pain that would be. Apparently the burgers were pretty fatty because flames kept shooting up sometimes a couple feet high. Also, the wind was blowing the wrong way and the smoke alarm in the house kept going off until Josh unplugged it. (don't worry, he plugged it back in already.) And the onions must have been pretty strong because Josh's eyes couldn't handle them. By the time he was done everything smelled like smoke, his jeans were covered in grease spatters, his eyes were bloodshot and sweat was running off his head. Good times!!


grammynurse said...

I bet it all tasted good, though.

Tanya said...

We always grill out for the kids birthdays...however, while Jason complains he doesn't seem to get as messy at Josh did :-) On another note...last night at work we were talking about how different things were said different ways between here and there...I know you posted several on the blog before (sheila, nappy, etc). Do you know when that post was? I couldn't find it but didn't go back far enough probably. The girls at work were wanting to hear some more :-)