Monday, October 18, 2010


it's definitely a Monday.
  • very little sleep last night.
  • running late trying to get everything tidy this morning.
  • Nathan threw up in the car just as we turned in to our street
  • Then threw up 2 more times this morning
  • had a homeschool meeting at 1pm
  • i don't feel good
I shouldn't complain though
  • Chantelle was given an extension on her assignment so was able to come clean today.
  • We received an invitation to visit with friends
  • the house is clean!! and tidy!!
  • the homeschool visit was a nice break in the day
  • Josh came home for the meeting and the people were very nice.
  • I have a big washing machine and the laundry was already mostly caught up so was able to wash everything Nathan has thrown up on.
  • He seems to be feeling better now and has gone down for a nap.
  • I bought chocolate at the grocery store. =)

1 comment:

grammynurse said...

You saved the best 'til last. Always good to end with chocolate. Makes everything OK