Tuesday, October 26, 2010


me getting Nate's socks out to pack while holding Nate who just woke up. Picture by Emma. =)
  • helped Jennie some more yesterday with sorting stuff before they move. We got rid of 6 huge bags of stuff. It makes me want to get rid of stuff here but actually the entire house is tidy and the closets aren't too bad so I'm pretty happy.
  • Josh got the suitcases down from the attic. I forgot we had two brand new ones because the airline ruined 3 or 4 of ours last trip and replaced them for free. We put two of them up in the attic without even unwrapping them.
  • I unwrapped one of the new ones today and put in all the Tim Tams (which were on sale this week!! woo hoo!!) and other stuff I've gotten so far to take. I also packed all the stuff for Nathan. All I need to add for him is whatever nappies I have left in 2.5 weeks.
  • I realized that I don't have Nathan's Australian passport. DOH!! so as soon as Beka wakes up from her nap I'll go make an appointment at the post office for that and get his picture taken.
  • Catie has gotten behind in some of her work (history and science) so has two books in each (like PACE's) to finish in the next two weeks.
  • I'm going to go sort through the girls' clothes and get some of their stuff packed too.
  • I'm at this stage where I feel like I need to be doing stuff to get ready to go since it is getting so close but there is only so much I can do. Maybe I should start spring cleaning the house and hope it still looks good when we get back.

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grammynurse said...

I know what you mean -- I feel there is a lot to do to get ready, but why clean? It will just get dirty again beofre you get here. I did windown in the kitchen, library, your room and bath today. Did all the fans on Sat. One step at a time. I am off until Friday - at work now- and then work the next week (except for Mon) Have packNPlay (Tasha's), 1 pkg nappies, tooth paste and brushes (except for Nathan), shampoo, etc. Dad started painting the upstairs bath today. He promises to be done by the end of the week - we'll see. We need to redo passports this year. Should get it done. I work Monday, the 9th and then off until the following Mon. Tasha is checking on a stroller - is an umbrella enough or do we need to find a large one?